Aaha is a sports movie. This film lead stars Indrajith Sukumaran. Directed by Bibin Paul Samuel and Produced by Prem Abraham under Zsa Zsa Productions.

This movie based on sports from Tug of war.

This film ‘Aaha’ is released on OTT in Zee5.

Aaha Movie Released – Movie Review :

In a word, ‘Aaha’ can be defined as a film that is full of the excitement of Vadamvali. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Even in the genre of sports drama, the film breaks down the framework and precedents. The film began twenty years ago.

The story of Geevichanasan’s Aaha Neelur, a tug-of-war team, begins there. Geevichanasan and Asan’s children are the ones who carry the ropes like a breath of life. The Aaha team, which is on the verge of winning the entire game of a season, falls in the final match. Koch was in front of the fallen. What was shattered was not only the record dream of the Aaha team, but the team as a whole. It was the last match of the Aaha team.

20 years later, the story unfolds through a group of young people. The film brings the audience back to the excitement of the ropes by teaming them up with the Aaha team. The presence of Koch, who has completely erased the ropes from his mind, invigorates the young group.

The film tells the story of some of the lives that go deep into the sports story and their struggle for survival. That’s where ‘Aaha’ smashes the cast patterns of regular sports dramas.