Minnal Murali


Minnal Murali is a superhero film. This film lead stars Tovino Thomas. Directed by Basil Joseph and Produced by Sophia Paul under Weekend Blockbusters. Starring Guru Somasundaram, Aju Varghese, Femina George, Harisree Ashokan, Mammukoya have played supporting role.

This film ‘Minnal Murali’ will be released on Netflix.

Tovino Thomas (Jaison) is a tailor who gains superpowers after being struck by lightning. The following events and situations form the basis of the film.


Minnal Murali Release – Movie Review :

Tailor’s son Jason (Tovino Thomas) wants to move to the United States with his girlfriend and settle down. Shibu (Guru Somasundaram) had loved woman from a distance for many years. In the tragedy of the woman running away from Village, shibu loses everything and works a tea master. Both are who not liked by the village people.

On a happy Christmas day, a huge lightning strike strikes both of them, causing a rare astronomical event that only happens once every 700 years. The next morning both survived without any injuries on the body. From that day on, some changes start to appear in both their bodies. Both of them know that they have got super powers. Both first use their powers according to their needs.

Then the loss in both their lives turns one into a super villain and the other into a superhero. What follows is the screenplay that tells ‘Minnal Murali’.