Bommai Nayagi


Bommai Nayagi is a drama film Written and Directed by Shan. Comedy actor Yogi Babu has played the lead role in this film.

The film is co produced by director Pa. Ranjith’s Neelam Productions and Yazhi Films. This film music composed by KS Sundara Moorthi. The film has cinematography by Athisaya Raj.

03/02/2023 – Movie Review :

Yogibabu, who works as a day laborer, lives with his wife Subatra and daughter Srimathi. Despite being poor, he is happy with his family. Yogibabu’s father’s first wife also lives in the same area. Considering him as his brother, he gives some work in Yogi Babu is also doing the work. But since Yogibabu’s mother belonged to the lower class, the first wife son away without considering them as his relations.

In this case, while Yogibabu is going to the festival with his child, the child is kidnapped by some people. While searching for the child, he sees some upper caste people trying to misbehave with him. Yogibabu fights and saves his child from them. He takes this matter to his brother. But he rejects this because the kidnapped people are his caste. On the other hand, social activist Hari Krishnan is struggling to find a solution to this problem.

In the end, did Yogi Babu win the fight against caste? Are the problems of the oppressed solved? That is the rest of the story of the film.

25/01/2023 – Trailer Released :

The trailer of ‘Bommai Nayagi’ is out.

20/01/2023 – Second Single Released :

The second single of the film ‘Kadar Kara Kaathu‘ Lyric Video have been released. It was sung by Rockstar Ramani Ammal with Lyrics by Sithan Jayamoorthy, Shan.

06/01/2023 – First Single Released :

The first single of the film ‘Adiye Raasaathi‘ Video Song have been released. It was sung by Sathyaprakash with Lyrics by Kabilan.

22/07/2022 – First Look Poster Released :

The first look poster of the film has been released by director Pa. Ranjith on his social media page on today.

The poster features Yogi Babu showing something to a child on the beach.

The first look poster of the film were released and fans great response on social networking sites.