Kannai Nambathey


Kannai Nambathey is a thriller film. Written and Directed by Mu. Maran. The film stars Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aathmika, Srikanth, Prasanna in tha lead roles, and also Sathish, Bhumika Chawla, Mahima Nambiar, Vidya Pradeep, Ajmal, Subiksha Krishnan.

Produced by V. N. Ranjith Kumar under the banner of Lipi Cine Crafts. The film has music by Sam C. S. while cinematography by Jalandhar Vasan, and editing by San lokesh.

17/03/2023 – Movie Review :

Udhayanidhi Stalin, who works in a private company, becomes roommates with Prasanna. That night, he leaves Bhumika at her house, who meets with an accident, and takes her car. An intoxicated Prasanna takes the car and goes to Bhumika’s house without Udhayanidhi’s knowledge.

There, Prasanna misbehaves with Bhumika and unexpectedly kills Bhumika. The next morning, Udhayanidhi is shocked to see Bhumika’s dead body in the car.

Blaming the murder on Udhayanidhi, Prasanna helps Udhayanidhi to hide the body. Then Prasanna and Udhayanidhi come up with a plan that one person dies in another accident and how to escape with two corpses. On the other side, knowing their plan, the mysterious person threatens them.

In the end, did both Udhayanidhi and Prasanna get away with the murder problem? Who is the mysterious person threatening them? What is the reason for the threat? That is the rest of the story of the film.

15/03/2023 – Second Single Released :

The second single of the film ‘Kaathiru‘ Lyrical have been released. It was sung by Lakshmikanth M with Lyrics by Kugai Ma Pugazhenthi.

06/03/2023 – First Single Released :

The first single of the film ‘Kuru Kuru’ Lyrical have been released. It was sung by Aditya R K with Lyrics by Vignesh Ramakrishna.