Padaippalan is a thriller movie. This film stars LS.Prabhu Raja, Ashmitha and Manobala in lead roles, and also Ramesh, Vicky, Thiyanprabhu. The film is directed by LS. Prabhu Raja.

The movie released in theaters on 8th July 2022.

08/07/2022 – Movie Review :

Hero (Thiyan Prabhu) is working as an assistant director with the dream of becoming a director in the film industry. He tells a story he has written to a production company headed by Manobala. The producer plans to give his story to another director and make it grand.

Distraught by this incident, the hero sues the court claiming that his story has been stolen. Thus the producer threatens to kill you if you don’t withdraw the case.

Did the hero succumb to his threats? Did you get justice for stealing the story? Who is the ghost in his story? Did he take the film and become a director? is the rest of the story of the film.