Vijayanand is a biography movie. This film stars Shri Anant Nag, Nihal, Bharath Bopanna, Siri Prahalad, Vinaya Prasad, Prakash Belawadi, V Ravichandran.

The film is directed and written by Rishika Sharma. Produced by Dr. Anand Sankeshwar banner of VRL Film Productions. This film music composed by Gopi Sundar C. The film has cinematography by Keertan Poojary, Hemanth Kumar D is the Editor of the movie.

The film ‘Vijayanand’ is based on the life story of famous businessman Vijay Sankeshwar from Karnataka.

09/12/2022 – Movie Review :

Vijayanand is based on the life history of Vijay Sankeshwar , the biggest businessman in Karnataka. The film tells how VRL, the largest logistics company, came into existence.

B.G Sankeshwar , who ran a printing press, had three sons. One of them is Vijay Sankeshwar . B.G Sankeshwar taught his 3 sons the same business.

However, Vijay Sankeshwar defied his father’s advice, took a loan, bought a truck and started the business. After that, he continued to fail without making any profit as expected. However, capitalizing on the trust, he bought 4 trucks. At some point, as the industry grew, so did the troubles.

How did you businessman? That is the rest of the story of the film.