Bangarraju is a telugu drama movie. This film stars Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Ramya Krishna, Krithi Shetty. Directed by Kalyan Krishna and Produced by Annapurna Studios and Zee Studios. This film music was scored by Anup Rubens.

The film is set to release in theater on January 14, 2022.


Bangarraju Movie Released – Movie Review :

The story of the movie ‘Bankarraju’ starts from where the story “Soggade Chinni Nayana” ends. Bankarraju (Nagarjuna) who came as a soul .. fixes all his family problems and goes back to heaven. For many years Ramu (Nagarjuna), Sita couple had a baby boy, he died young with his wife. Satyabhama (Ramyakrishnan), his grandmother Satya, takes care of his responsibilities. When the grandson grew up .. Satyabhama also died ..

She went to the golden king who is in heaven. Chinna Bangarraju (Nagashitanya) also traveled around the town like his grandfather. On the other hand, there are small golden royal trees. Naga Lakshmi (Krithi Shetty) is the Sarpanch of the city. The two do not match each other. But Satyabhama thinks it would be nice if the two got married.
He sends Bangaraju to earth to help his grandson’s love. The big gold king is involved in the body of the little gold king. Sarpanch makes Naga Lakshmi fall in love. Some, on the other hand, plan to assassinate the little gold king.

Why did you decide to kill the little Bangaraju? Who conspired to murder? How did Bangaraja save his grandson who was in danger? How did Bangaraja thwart the conspiracies of the evil spirits who were searching for treasures beneath the temple? That is the rest of the story.