Kinnerasani is an action thriller movie. Starring Kalyaan Dhev, Ravindra Vijay, Ann Sheetal, Mahathi Bikshu, Kashish Khan and Others. The film is directed by Ramana Teja.

Written by Desharaj. Produced by Ram Talluri under the banner of SRTEnertainment & Shubham Entertainments.

The film released in Zee5 on June 10, 2022.

10/06/2022 – Movie Review :

Venkat (Kalyan Dev) is a brilliant lawyer. He solves cases very easily. He falls in love with a girl (Kashish Khan) during college. She dies when both of them want to get married. Runs by Vedha (An Sheetal) Library.

Kinnerasani realizes that the book she finds in the library is her life. In it, it is written that his father Jaydev (Ravindra Vijay) wanted to kill him when he was a child. But Vedha wants to ask her father why he wanted to kill her. Searches for his trace. Venkat helps her.

What is the relationship between Vedha and Venkat? Who killed Venkat’s girlfriend? Why does Venu’s father want to kill? If you want to know these things, you have to watch the movie!